Friday, March 20, 2009

Natural Remedies for Gout

Grapes are one of many excellent natural remedies for gout. They are very effective at helping to lessen the severity of your gout symptoms. When mixed together with other great remedies, they have a cumulative effect and can help you either reduce the frequency of or actually help you get rid of gout in the long run.

Grapes have several ways they contribute in treating gout. These include quercitin, water, potassium, vitamin C, and anthocyanins. One of the ways grapes treat this disease is with quercitin. Quercitin is a very strong flavonoid. They help fix the main painful gout symptom, inflammation. Flavonoids are considered to be very effective at reducing swelling.
When too many uric acid crystals settle in your joints they cause irritation and inflammation. Quericitin helps fight this problem. This helpful flavonoid can be purchased as a supplement.

Grapes are useful for helping gout due to their high water content. Getting adequate amounts of water in your body helps your body to work more properly. This treats gout by enabling you to get rid of extra uric acid crystals which would otherwise settle in your joints causing you great pain.

Potassium is another way grapes are a great natural gout remedies. Potassium helps your kidneys to excrete uric acidmore easily. Grapes contain approximately 190mg of potassium a serving (100g). One serving will give you around 5% of your daily allowance so grapes alone will not give you enough potassium. Many other fruits such as cantaloupes and peaches contain potassium, so eating plenty of fruits will help you treat gout.

Grapes are able to assist in reducing or eliminating gout pain because they are filled with vitamin C. Grapes consist of approximately 20% of your daily needs for this potent vitamin. Vitamin C is very effective at fighting this arthritic condition. One study discovered taking Vitamin C during a 2 month period reduced uric acid levels by around 10 percent. They found vitamin C helps prevent purines from turning into uric acid. Being able to control your uric acid is very important because most gout patients are unable to keep their levels under control.

Anthocyanins are another reason grapes are great gout remedies. Anthocyanins are flavonoids and help control swelling. Does the color of the grape make a difference? Some would say yes. The higher the anthocyanins found in the grape, the more beneficial the grapes are in reducing swelling. Darker grapes would be better as they contain greater amounts of anthocyanins.

Grapes are not the only way to treating gout. However, they are a big part of treating it. Other fruits should be added to your dietary plan so you get a well balanced variety in your natural remedies for gout plan.

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